Quarterback Progressive Passing Drill

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This football drill will focus on improving passing technique by concentrating on arm and hand movement. It will help perfect the quarterback's throwing motion while using only the throwing arm.

  1. Pair off the quarterback's in two parallel lines. 
  2. Each quarterback should start off on their knees.

  1. While the quarterbacks are on their knees, instruct them to throw a pass to their partner who is 5 yards away about 15 to 20 passes. 
  2. Next, have the Quarterbacks switch to kneeling on their right knee only and complete about 15 to 20 passes.
  3. Next, have the QB's switch to kneeling on their left knee only and complete about 15 to 20 passes.
  4. Next, have the QB's stand with their feet together and complete 15 to 20 passes.
  5. Next, have the QB's practice the 3-step drop for 15 to 20 passes.
  6. Lastly, have the QB's practice the 5-step drop for 15 to 20 passes.

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Coaching Points
  • Focus on showing the quarterbacks how to follow through with their arm so that their thumbs end up pointing down. 
  • Have the quarterback begin with the football held above their waist and demonstrate hos to throw from no higher than their ear.

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