Football Warm-up Drill

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This football drill is a great warm-up drill to do at the beginning of practice. This football warm-up drill will help players get loose and warmed up while improving their agility and footwork.

  1. Place the cones in a 15 yard square. 
  2. Line up the players at one corner of the square.

On the coaches command the players should: 
  1. Sprint to the First Cone 
  2. Side-step to the Second Cone 
  3. Backpedal to the Third Cone 
  4. Sprint back to the beginning of the line
The coach should then throw a football to each player as they finish the drill. Repeat the drill in the other direction and make sure each players gets an equal turn.

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Coaching Points
  • This football warm-up drill is mainly to warm-up, so make sure the players are constantly moving and that the drill is dynamic. 
  • Make sure players are balanced and low to the ground as they are running. 
  • Footwork is quick and consistent
  • Change of direction is quick.

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