Football QB Center Exchange Relay

Football QB Center Exchange, Quarterback exchange

This football drill is a great way to develop proper snapping techniques and focuses on the exchange from the center to the quarterback.

  1. Set up a 20X20 yard grid and place 4 cones in the middle of the grid approximately 4 yards apart. 
  2. Divide the team into two even groups. 
  3. Evenly divide each team into two groups at each end of the grid.

  1. This drill is a relay race. 
  2. To begin the race, player 1 is the Quarterback and player 2 is the Center. 
  3. Player 2 snaps the ball directly to player 1. 
  4. Player 2 stands still while player 1 runs to the next cone. 
  5. Now player 1 snaps the ball to player 2 and so on until the course is completed. 
  6. The race is over once each participant gets a turn. 

  • To spice up the race, work on shotgun snaps.

Coaching Points
  • Make sure there is a clean exchange on the snap.

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