Quarterback Drop-Back Pass Drill

Quarterback drop-back passes, QB footwork, QB drop back pass

This football drill will focus on improving the footwork of the Quarterback on the drop-back passes.

  1. Line up your Quarterback behind the Center. 
  2. Spread additional QB's about 3-5 yards apart from each other. 
  3. Each QB will need a ball.

  1. The QB should take his pre-snap stance behind the Center. 
  2. On the coaches snap count the Center should snap the ball to the QB who works on his footing and footwork by performing the 3-step drop, 5-step drop, or 7-step drop as designated by the coach. 
  3. The QB should go through the throwing motion without actually throwing the ball.

  • Allow the QB to release the throw to a specific target

Coaching Points
Everything is explained for right-handed QBs, for left-handed QBs you have to exchange left and right.
  • The first step has to be taken with his right foot and should be big and directly behind the left foot so that the drop is straight backwards.
  • While taking his first step the QB turns by bringing his right hip, shoulder and elbow back to accelerate his separation from the LOS
  • The last two steps have to be shorter, so that QB is in good body-control position and ready to throw on his last step.
  • QB should take the ball up in front of his right armpit with his first step, holding it tight with both hands.
  • During the drop the ball should stay put in front of his right armpit, while the elbows should hang/swing loose to improve balance
  • QB should always look over his left shoulder downfield 

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