Football Receiver Drill - Concentration While Getting Hit

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This is a great wide receiver drill that will focus on concentration while catching the ball and watching the ball into their hands even though they know they are going to get hit.

Set up three players holding football body shield dummies 10 yards deep and 3 yards apart from each other in and equal triangle.
  1. Instruct the receiver to run a pattern into the middle of the triangle.
  2. As the receiver approaches the triangle of "defenders" the coach or quarterback should throw the receiver a high pass.
  3. The receiver must jump up to catch the pass.
  4. When the receivers hands touch the ball, the three defenders should hit the receiver with their shields.
  5. The Receiver should catch the ball and throw it back to the QB that threw the ball and the drill should start over.
  6. Let each receiver catch six to eight footballs before rotating receivers.

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Coaching Points
  • This football receiving drill will focus on concentration and watching the ball into the receivers hands even though they know they are going to get hit.

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